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Norton ConnectSafe is a no cost community DNS support, probably one of the best when it comes to security. The risks were obstructed at DNS stage to keep the customers secure even when the customers were not operating an anti-virus on their techniques. Since Norton ConnectSafe is planned to be outdated on Nov Fifteenth, 2018, we will recommend some other Norton ConnectSafe choices for a more secure surfing around encounter.

Norton ConnectSafe community DNS support was presented by Symantec truly with the name Symantec ConnectSafe. Later in 2014 it was relabeled to Norton ConnectSafe. ConnectSafe creates use of Norton Safe Web for audience procured security where customers can review a site to be secure or not secure.

The greatest benefits of using a secure and protected DNS support is that it will check out for risks when the pc demands for sources on the Online. If a risk is recognized, it is obstructed even before attaining the user’s pc. This increases program rate and overall surfing around encounter.

Note: Also examine out the best parental management software AND DNS Angel.

Let’s discuss about some Norton DNS solutions which will create your surfing around encounter more secure.

Norton ConnectSafe DNS Alternatives

Google PublicDNS

Using Search engines PublicDNS will modify your configurations for DNS server from Online Service Suppliers to Search engines PublicDNS. Search engines PublicDNS provides some taste of security as support records are stored for 1 to 2 times for issue solving reasons. While in long lasting records private details is reduced and most of the details are removed after Two weeks.

  • In purchase to set Search engines Public DNS on the pc go to Control Panel
  • Click Network and Internet ->Network and Discussing Center and simply just click Change adaptor settings.

  • You will see a display with the program relationship.Select the text. i-e if you chose wi-fi relationship, right-click Wireless Network Connection and then go to Properties. If the security password or any other conversation box seems to be deliver the needs security password .
  • Select the Networking tab and then dual choose the Internet Technique Edition 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Technique Edition 6 (TCP/IPv6) .
  • Click Advanced pick the DNS tab.
  • Note down any DNS offered there for upcoming referrals and eliminate them from of the question and media OK.
  • Go to Preferred DNS server or Alternate DNS server and substitute those details with the IP details of the Search engines DNS servers:
  • For IPv4: and/or

  • For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.
  • Now run the following control in control prompt:
    ipconfig /flushdns


OpenNDS is a DNS support offered by the ‘cisco’ which is safest and efficient. It enhances the efficiency and prevents all the phishing websites. Professional strategy consist of the function of watching the reputation of your 1 season Online surfing around and limit accessibility some particular websites. This function is roofed in OpenDNS Close relatives Protect and OpenDNS House but the length of closed down atmosphere i-e to a particular websites is different. It even creates cellular phones.

The recommended DNS is and the additional DNS is

For establishing it on other gadgets like home wi-fi router , Web servers, Intelligent gadgets you can look into the configurations here.

The greatest advantage of OpenDNS is that you can set up and prevent accessibility web page groups not appropriate to your house. You may choose the groups or even blacklist or whitelist websites in the details filtration settings board. The only warning is if you are establishing OpenDNS on a radio router, you will either need a radio router which assists OpenDNS or a radio router with fixed IP deal with. Otherwise, the configurations will be impaired once the wi-fi router IP changes.


Quad9 is a IBM possessed publicDNS support which has been meant to prevent malware and risks .This uses risk intellect from major online security organizations . The research offered by them provides a viewpoint on what websites are secure and what websites have prospective risks. You will not permitted to go into the web page which contains the malware.

The same method needs to be followed as used fro Search engines PublicDNS. The recommended DNS server is and the different DNS server is

The organizations can upgrade the DNS configurations however DHCP server which will upgrade all customers. No activity is required at end gadgets.


Cloudflare is the quickest publicDNS which is used for handling IP deal with allowance for the Japan Hawaiian and Oceania areas. The primary priority is on efficiency and comfort. Even if you go to a secured websites by ISP, your identification is still stored . But using Cloudflare can fix this issue. The records are managed for 24 time and then get removed. So your comfort is managed over the Online.

The recommended community DNS for IPv4 is and the substitute is
While the prefeered for IPv6 is 2606:4700:4700::1111 and substitute is 2606:4700:4700::1001

The iPhone, Andriod, Linux system ,MAC installation guidelines can be seen here.

Comodo Secure DNS is another DNS support which is not extremely well-known but is very efficient when it comes to security and malware preventing.


Domain Name System DNS is a valuable aspect of processing if you are linked any type of program. It’s better to use a secure and protected DNS which can shield off Online risks from your pc. Always choose a DNS support which has built-in malware preventing. This will keep you secure over the Online.

If you are a network administrator and use regional recursive DNS, using a secure and protected community DNS will create sure that your program continues to be totally exempt from Online malware. This is especially when you have restricted management over your program computer techniques.

There are several other PublicDNS but these are some of the best alternatives. You have to look what do you exactly need if you are more involved about harmful located and malware then choose the DNS according to that. So which PublicDNS you have choose to create your Online more secure?

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