How To Get iPhone Emojis For Android operating system (Even Without Root)


One factor that even the Android operating program system customers really like about iPhone is their emojis. With the latest up-dates of Android operating program, we have seen that the emojis are not liked by most of the Android operating program customers. It can make information appear unpleasant, so the best substitute for this would be to use the iOS designed emoji set. This can be obtained using a very simple technique which is given below.

Given below are two techniques, one offered for a based Android operating program Cellphone and other for an Unrooted Android operating program. Both techniques are really simple do not worry if your Android operating program phone is not based, this post includes the unrooted edition as well.

Quick Summary

Get iPhone Emojis for Android operating program phone with root

This technique can help you put in and use iPhone emojis for Android operating program and is a relatively simple technique. For this, you need obtain IOS emoji Magisk Component which is a zip data file of IOS emoji program. Just obtain this zip data file and set up this on Your Android operating program phone.

  1. Download the emoji zip data file from the weblink given below:
    Download Link:
  2. After Installing the app and set up it on your phone. If it demands any authorization, allow it. You will need to allow unidentified resources to set up Android operating program applications offered outside of the Search engines Perform shop.
  3. After setting up the emoji Magisk segments, start the app and then simply select add ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ key at the end and from the number of choices that now appear choose “” data file, hang on for this module to set up, after set up a conversation box reveals and media “reboot” on it.

  4. After restart, you will be able to use iPhone emojis from your key-board.

There you go. It is really simple to do this and an interesting fact about emoji Magisk module is that while setting it up, it does not keep any customized data files that you might have to fresh up after using it.

Get iOS emojis on Android operating program without cheering your phone

There are some applications on Search engines Perform Store that create you believe that you are using iPhone emojis for Android operating program but actually, it actually does not modify the structure of it in your information and is obtained same as an Android operating program emoji. So to be able to actually earn some new the structure, we need to set up an app known as “emoji typeface 3″ to set up emoji print styles system-wide for all texting applications.

  1. As this app has been eliminated in the Perform Store, you can set up it on your Android operating program Cellphone using the apk data file. Download the apk data file from the weblink below:
    Download Link:
    If while setting up your unrooted Android operating program does not provide you with authorization then go to configurations and switch on the unidentified resources.
  2. After you have downloadable the apk data file,it reveals an app shop known as “aptoide” (this is like an app shop for based edition Android operating program phones). Now look for emoji typeface 3 and set up it on your body.
    Aptoide - iPhone emojis for Android
    Emoji Font 3 - iPhone emojis for Android
  3. Now after setting it up, you need to earn some changes in your Android operating program configurations. Go to Settings –> Show –> Font style, Now simply just click it and you will get various choices. From these choices choose emoji typeface 3.
    Default key-board - iPhone emojis for Android
  4. After this, you might observe some new the typeface but try modifying the dimension of the typeface and it should fix the issue for you.
  5. After setting up that, obtain and set up the Search engines Keyboard by the name of “Gboard” from Perform Store. Most inventory Android operating program Cellular phones (like New samsung Galaxy) are already using the Search engines key-board so if you have a inventory Android operating program Contact you can miss this method.
  6. After downloading and setting it up, simply just click “select feedback method” and choose Gboard from it. It will set the Search engines key-board as your standard key-board.
    GBoard - iPhone emojis for Android

That’s it, now you can appreciate the iPhone emoji key-board for Android operating program. It is a very simple means for both Rooted and unrooted Android operating program Cellular phones.

Here are some smiley experience emojis on your Android operating program system after following the actions given above.

Smileys - iPhone emojis for Android

In summary, if you have a based Android operating program system, you should definitely go with the first choice. But if you don’t want to contact the application of your mobile, then you can go with the other. Both choices excellent and keep your texting discussions vibrant and vibrant.

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