16 top BBC micro:bit projects


If you’ve lately got arms on one the BBC’s new micro:bit microcomputers and you need a little motivation, we’ve got a whole variety of impressive tasks for you to begin with.

Build fun activities, unique spiders or any impressive program, the only restrict is your creativity.

The venture has shown well-known in educational institutions where the microcomputers have been given to every season seven student to make them get engaged with program growth.

Micro:bit is for starters and will help you to understand growth and growth, but don’t be misled by that, because there are some amazing factors to do with its 16MHz ARM CPU.

There’s a lot of tasks to try on the BBC micro:bit web page, where you can take shape your growth abilities and let your creativity run 100 % free. For those more indigenous to growth, we have collected a listing of impressive tasks below.

Getting started

For each of these tasks you can either adhere to the selected growth terminology, or adhere to the assistance and adjust the actions for one of the other three growth ‘languages’ backed up by the micro:bit.

The growth terminology the Small Bit facilitates are:

  • CodeKingdoms JavaScript: a visual drag-and-drop interface and text-based interface, excellent for beginners
  • Microsoft Prevent Editor: a visual drag-and-drop editor
  • Microsoft Get in touch with Develop: a text-based terminology, which comes pre-installed with a collection of micro:bit commands
  • MicroPython: a substantial, text-based manager used by expert program developers

You can discover guides and details about each of these growth ‘languages’ on the micro:bit site.

Motorbike simulator

By Musab

A 13-year-old from Poultry designed a motorcycle simulation using the BBC micro:bit venture by just including an extended USB cable and something similar to a handlebar. There’s an simple to understand details for growth the simulation with Python.

Follow this venture if you want to build a fun activity with very little attempt.

See the finish venture here

Morse Rule Machine

By David Goodman (M0RVJ)

Because several microcomputers can consult each other via shortwave stereo alerts, it’s ideal for using as a Morse Rule system. This test by David Goodman reveals a BBC micro:bit connected up to a set of CW transceivers.

While one can be used for including the dashes and spots in audio using a piezo alert sounds, while the other is connected up to a presenter. It also functions capacitive touch for including the code with just a few faucets of the hand on the micro:bit. The code is held in the storage as characters, so you can quickly see what code has been sent between the two for referrals (or if you’re not skilled at converting the beeps created by the panel.

The microcomputers are written using Micropython and David has created the code available on GitHub. He’s finessed the style since its unique execution to increase the variety throughout a structure and it now has a selection that you can use by trembling the system.

See the finish project.

Micro Visitors Lights

By Anish Ansari

What can you do by connecting up breadboard, three resistors and bouncer cables to a BBC micro:bit? Create a traffic mild program that periods through colored LEDs like traffic lighting. You can management an purchase of the lighting and their lighting to best collection for a micro town, for example.

The panel is designed using Microsof company MakeCode, although the designer has involved as well the MicroPython code for those that choose more innovative growth.

See the finish project.

Micro Morse Phone

By Technological innovation Will Preserve Us

The BBC micro:bit can be used to deliver simple stereo details, which is all you need to convey in Morse code. The Small Morse Cellphone venture allows several micro:bits approach each other using Morse by delivering spots or dashes. Post move you through using the micro:bit stereo collection and educate you how to build a Morse interpretation code guide.

See the finish project


By Rule Club

Frustration is a very primary but oh-so-addictive activity that you’re quite probably acquainted with already. It created steel ring or cycle that you have to assist along another steel cable without the two in touch with. If contact is created, a alert sounds goes off and you have to begin with again. This venture demonstrates how for creating your own way of the experience, with the micro:bit displaying the variety of efforts, rather than creating a disturbance.

See the finish project


By Will.I.Am and the BBC

The BBC micro:bit can be used to keep time with songs. The Metronome-like venture was designed in connection to artist and technologist Will.I.Am. It uses a piezo alert sounds plus the micro:bit to build a disturbance and display a picture on every defeat to help the pace keep to be able. The pace can also be bogged down down or sped up.

See the finish project

Flashing heart

By Microsof company Block

One of the easiest micro:bit tasks to cut the tooth on is to make the device’s LED lines type a blinking center. You can also make the code in the Microsof company Prevents visual manager. The BBC details will help you through how to do this, and once you’ve got your face around it, the same fundamentals can be used for creating other forms.

See the finish project

micro:bit countdown timer

By 101 Computing

We can’t think of many realistic uses for a nine-second countdown clock – besides using it to test 100-metre Olympic runners. However, 101 Computing’s details are a novel example of how the LEDs can be used to demonstrate numbers.

See the finish project

Micro logo adaptor

By Technological innovation Will Preserve Us

Projects by Technological innovation Will Preserve Us regularly interact with your art abilities as well as your growth abilities. Post help you through how to build a material logo, with battery power pocket, from your micro:bit, for LED pictures or computer animation. You need to code the micro:bit’s LED display first, though, so take a look at another venture – such as the blinking center – if you’re not acquainted with how to start fixed or computer animated styles.

See the finish project

Combination Lock

By BBC Make It Electronic and Wolfblood

Combination Secure is an simple way to secure your things and even to notify you of break-ins. The venture depends on using the micro:bit to identify whether a routine is done or damaged. By creating a routine of birdwatcher history and linking a alert sounds, your micro:bit will audio an alert when the secured box, entrance, or on a shelf is began. These details strolling you through establishing up your very own lock and passcode.

See the finish project

Touch arpeggiator

By Technological innovation Will Preserve Us

This is one of the most fun and relatively simple Small Bit tasks so far. Motivated by the BBC Get in touch with Create details ‘Banana Keyboard’, it takes you through how to make your Small Bit into a touch-activated overall tone creator. All you need is searching for alert sounds, four wired crocodile segments, a micro-USB cable, and, erm, some fruits. Using this technique, you could even perform musical display machines with more than one alert sounds.

See the finish project

micro:bit phase counter

By The Institution of Technological innovation and Technology

“I’m strolling outside with my micro:bit on my mind…” is what you could be saying with if you adhere to this beautiful, and more engaged, details about how to make your micro:bit into a stepometer. Following this venture you’ll be able to build a functional stepometer that could contend with expert counterparts.

See the finish project

Remote selfies

By Samsung

Ever desired to take selfies on your smartphone with an online control? Well, you can do exactly that by coupling your micro:bit with an Android operating program system. This venture will fit advanced and innovative customers, and has a reasonable quantity of growth to induce digital camera and apply the wi-fi connection. Don’t ignore, for this venture you’ll need to connect to an Android operating program smartphone and Samsung’s micro:bit app.

See the finish project

LED routine game

By Extreme Pc Training

This venture, from Extreme Pc Coaching, is actually a reasonable uncomplicated routine activity. Following it clip details (no written text edition available at a lot of duration of publishing), you’ll discover how to code the LED display so that each LEDs can signify your reverse on the five-by-five lines.

See the finish project

micro:bit rushing game

By 101 Computing

This venture is a silly piece of work-time fun that’s just patiently waiting to interact with (or probably disrupt) classes and lunchtime places in England. Following this details you’ll convert the micro:bit’s LED display into a move rushing activity for up to five gamers. 101 Processing takes you through allowing the experience and copying the code for extra gamers.

See the finish project

micro:bit Warm variety reader

By Proto-Pic

The micro:bit can also be converted into a fairly reasonable temperature audience, which is quite useful given the UK’s 2017 heatwave that saw temperature ranges advantage over 30°C. While it does not have a heat indicator, you can set up it to demonstrate the temperature of, say, a CPU, which is fairly useful for PC contractors. Things get even more exciting when you add a thermistor to the micro:bit, which can be dropped into beverages and meals to history the temperature straight – though this needs some innovative growth and is only for the most devoted micro:bit lovers.

See the finish project

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